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I made my URL itadakimasu not only because I love food and Japanese culture but I also appreciate its DEEPER meaning. Go find its real meaning before you complain to me how I'm not a food blog and how I ruined a good URL for you. Dewa shitsurei shimasu.


Running Man 20 Day Challenge!

Day 9: Your Favorite Running Man Character

I love Song Ji Yok/Bad Jihyo. Whenever Song Ji Hyo gets mad, it’s definitely hilarious because of the other member’s reactions. I especially love the part when they covered her mouth and Ji Hyo is pretending to say some bad words. Freaking funny. 

Another character that I love is Sparta Kooks. I love how it has an S in the end because it seems unserious at all yet very powerful. I love it when the commander wins (not as much as I love it when Gary wins) because I’m sadistic like that. Other members are really scared of him which is why it’s more entertaining.

Runner-up would be Peaceful Gary & Wild Gary. He’s just my favorite member so I love his roles. *wink*

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